Soft Pink for Spring!

{Charlize Theron wore Rouge Dior Lipcolor in Tulip Pink}
I fell in love with this color instantly and went out and bought it yesterday!

After watching the Golden Globes red carpet event I noticed a trend…. pretty pink lips are a definite must for spring. What do you think about soft pink lips? 
  {Natalie Portman wore a blend of two Dior Addict Lipsticks–Blush and Createur}
  {Stacy Kiebler wore NYX Cosmetics Pump It Up Lip Plumper in Kim}
You can buy this at Target or Walmart 

We all obsess about our looks, and lately I have been obsessing a bit too much- so last night my friend Brian sent me this picture and said \”remember makeup and Photoshop goes along way\”.

25 Comments on “Soft Pink for Spring!

  1. Love those pinks! And Debra Messings earrings in that pic rock! They are freaking gorgeous!OMG that last pic is so nuts! But its true if I was photoshopped every day before I walked out of the door I would look like a dang super model too.


  2. Ha ha!! I think your friend is very funny! But I can't say I don't agree… I can however say that I totally agree, I'm loving the pink!!!


  3. it really is amazing what t hey can do with makeup and photoshop. And I'm loving the soft pink – I may have to pick up that Dior color as well.xx Emily @


  4. I usually don't wear lipstick because it dries out my lips, but those pink shades are gorgeous! I usually wear pink-tinted lip balm and I really like that.


  5. I like the pink tones better than the nude ones. I always feel like nude lips make me look washed out.I love that photo shop picture. It's so true that models rarely look that pretty in real life.


  6. I almost always wear pink lip color. I would love to know of a good pink matte. Any ideas.


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