Hospitable Scents

Hospitality is key, and a welcoming scent is all apart of the ambiance, when walking into a home. At my house, we always have at least one candle burning. While, I do love my Slatkin & Co candles from Bath & Body Works I also love Sonoma Life & Style Pillar candles from Kohl\’s. In the living room I usually burn pillar candles, and in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom I will burn candles in jars such as Slatkin & Co. Right now I am thinking spring so here is what I am burning….

{SONOMA life + style® Kiwi Melon Pillar Candle} 
 {SONOMA life + style® Tropical Oasis Pillar Candle}
{WoodWick Bakery Cupcake}
{Slatkin & Co Bahama Fizz}

What kind of candles are your favorite/what are you currently burning?

29 Comments on “Hospitable Scents

  1. I love candles too. I think they always make a house seem homely and welcoming. I love Yankee candles most, but any in Vanilla scents. xx


  2. I think the kiwi scent looks so great! My mom once got an angel food scented candle, it was awful (so I am thinking bakery might not be the best choice for me hahha) Hope you have a wonderful week and Happy Monday!!Toodles, Twirling Claretwirlingclare.blogspot.com


  3. I am currently burning Black Pepper Bergamot from Bath and Body. What a unique sent. I normally burn the food scented candles because the floral ones usually give me a migraine. I love candles!!


  4. I love the look of those sonoma candles they are so pretty and those scents sounds good. My parents use woodwick which always smells great too!xx Emily


  5. I love a good candle scent. Recently we were burning all holiday and winter scents such as Pine, cranberry, and fireside, but now I'm thinking a tropical scent would be nice to help picture summer time !!!


  6. The Slatkin candles are the best aren't they? I have a Christmas tree one that just makes my place smell so amazing. And they burn forever!!


  7. At first glace, I thought your heading was \”hospital scents\”. Gross. I'm so glad it was something else. 😉


  8. I bet those candles smell divine. I am still trying to use up my Christmas candles and then I'll be ready for springier scents.


  9. I always have a candle burning in the evening right when I come home. It helps relax me and gives off a homey feel. Right now, I'm burning my Frosted Cupcake candle from Bath and Body Works.


  10. Some of my favorite are from Bath and Body Works – Salted Caramel and Bamboo are some of my favorites. I also love Yankee Candle's Pumpkin and Christmas Cookie – unfortunately seasonal. 🙂


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