All I want for Christmas is Shoes!

{Christian Louboutin Bianca Hot Pink}

Every time someone asked me what I wanted for Christmas the first word out of my mouth is always \”shoes\”. Here is a peak at my dream Christmas revolving around shoes.  What do you want for Christmas this year? Do you have expensive taste?

29 Comments on “All I want for Christmas is Shoes!

  1. Ooh, those pink shoes and purple boots are too pretty! I go for bargain buys when it comes to shoes, but I love getting inspired by all kinds of designs.


  2. I was totally boot-obsessed this season. I asked for an expensive pair of boots. I normally wouldn't spend that amount on shoes, but these are extremely comfortable and I need that because I walk all over campus each day and I have a bad back/hip. I'm really looking forward to opening them!!!


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