Whimsical Runway Ponytails

While going through pictures from NYFW SS12 I noticed a trend…ponytails are a must and there are so many creative ways to do them. From bumps, to bubbles and added in braids I am loving the looks and definitely will be recreating them. What do you think of these ponytails?

PS my boys…. the Detroit Tigers are AL Central Division Champs ❤

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14 Comments on “Whimsical Runway Ponytails

  1. all of those look way too complicated for my hair skills but they are gorgeous!xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com


  2. I CANNOT believe (actually I can but I'm still reeling) that you got pushed down in Target by some loon who thought YOUR umbrella in YOUR bag was a MissonixTarget and that they could just shove you and steal it. I am seriously losing.my.sh*t over this. I am over the people that shopped that \”event\”. OVER IT.So sorry that happened to you!xo,C


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