What your nail polish says about you

 {Shay by Zoya}

The woman who wears nude polish is classic and confident. She knows what she likes and what she wants. She is a perfectionist who hates having chipped nails which is the reason for her low profile color.

How to wear nude polish: Nude polishes allows for you to have the most glamorous nails. You should always go with a nude polish that is one shade darker or lighter then your skin tone. Nude polish really does not flatter when worn as toe polish.

{The Full Monty by butter LONDON}

The golden girl who wears this high shine chic hue is very put together. She knows how to mix couture with high street fashion. She is the type of girl you definitely want to be friends with.

How to wear gold polish: Pair your gold polish with a little black dress, jeans, statement jewelry and of course a fabulous bag. The mix of black and gold together will leave you with a chic outfit.

{Bridezilla by China Glaze}

Light Pink
Women who wear light pink polish are usually very feminine and is always dressed properly. This color is great for the career minded girl as this hue shows that you care about how you look.

How to wear light pink polish: This color is great for at the office, weddings, business meetings or anytime you\’d be wearing pearls.

{Shocking Pink by China Glaze}

Hot Pink
The woman who wears hot pink polish is sexy, chic and bold. This feminine color shows you have confidence and people will notice.

How to wear hot pink polish: Polish your nails a nude shade to balance out the brightness of your toes. Or polish your toes a nude hue to balance out the brightness of your fingers.

{Shoe and the City by Dashing Diva}

The woman who wears red is subconsciously trying to seduce her man or any man for that matter. Or it\’s usually a mom that is stuck in the same color that she has been wearing since as long as she can remember.

How to wear red polish: If you are wearing red on your nails your most definitely should wear the same shade on your toes. This will make you look classy and stylish.

{Miranda\’s Law by Dashing Diva}

The woman who wears coral is feminine and definitely loves summertime. The color also pairs with her happy go lucky attitude.

How to wear coral polish: Coral flatters all skin tones, so where it on your fingers or toes for a sunshiny look. You can also pair this polish with a cute white sundress.

{Cheeky Chops by butter LONDON}

The woman who wears yellow usually has a bohemian trendy sense of style. Yellow allows you to give your outfit a little bit of an edge. While still keeping your look earthy.

How to wear yellow polish: Pair your yellow with earth tone clothing. For the fashionista pair your yellow polish with your favorite little black dress.

{Mulberry Street by Dashing Diva}

The women who wears purple is definitely into the hipster and bohemian look with a touch of preppy in between. She loves to wear brighter and true purple for the day time and the darker purples for those glam nights out.

How to wear purple polish: Dark purple polish is great to be paired with your party dress with some statement jewelry. While the brighter hues are great paired with flower dresses.

{Yodel me on my Cell by OPI}

The woman who wears blue polish is willing to try new things and has a playful attitude.

How to wear blue polish: Blue is best worn on your toes to show that you have a whimsical spirit.

{Kiwi Cool Ada by China Glaze}

Neon Green
The woman who wears neon green is energetic usually bouncing off the walls and is the life of the party.

How to wear neon green: This bold in your face hue is perfect with your favorite pair of flip flops hanging out on the beach.

What color polish do you usually wear?

22 Comments on “What your nail polish says about you

  1. I looked down today and I happened to be wearing blue nailpolish. Seems about right!! You should add \”in bed\” after all of the descriptions.


  2. looove this post! During the Summer,I usually wear red, coral, or hot pink on my toes paired with nude finger nails. During the winter, I like to do dark chocolate nails or dark purples or reds on both fingers and toes.


  3. I wear purple a lot, since I have summer and winter shades of purple, but my toes are almost always a coral or pink!XO Emily


  4. So cute! I feel like I'm half nude, half coral, which makes sense 'cause they're the 2 colors I wear the most. Nude on my hands, coral on my toes!!


  5. This is sooo fun! What a great post… I'm usually a hot pink girl however I have been thinking about trying out a nude color.


  6. How cute! I usually wear pink on my toenails…my fingernails are too short to paint…. 😦


  7. What a fun post! I always wear red or hot pink on toes and anything from nude to light pink to coral to red on my nails. (And a fun taupe or dark purple in the winter.) 😉


  8. I'm all across the board!Pinks and reds for summer, purples and blues for fall, blacks and browns for winter and nudes for fall.


  9. I'm constantly changing mine — but it's coral today and is fitting my attitude to a T!xo Josiewww.winksmilestyle.com


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