OPI Touring America

Touring America is OPI\’s Fall 2011 collection. Now before I get to my review and swatches of this collection I wanted to remind you of what the nail trends are for this fall.

Top Nail Colors for Fall 2011
Almost Black 
Concrete or Graphite 
You can also view some of my New York Fashion Week posts for Fall Nail Trends
{from left to right: Are We There Yet?, I Eat Mainly Lobster, My Address is \’Hollywood\’, Color to Diner For, French Quarter for your Thoughts, Suzi Takes the Wheel, A-Taupe the Space Needle, Uh-Oh Roll Down the Windows, Get in the Espresso Lane, Honk if you love OPI, I Brake for Manicures and Road House Blues}

When I first found out that OPI\’s Fall 2011 collection was called Touring America I was beyond excited. They come out with France, Swiss, Tokyo…etc collections and now it was finally an \”America\” collection. The collection contains twelve new nail shades which were inspired by American cities and the rich cultural heritage that distinguishes them.

{Are We There Yet?}

Are We There Yet? is a soft peach melon hue with a dusting of shine. This color is a great transition into the fall. This year I have absolutely been in love with peach hues so it\’s no wonder I have fallen in love with this shade.

{I Eat Mainely Lobster}

I Eat Mainely Lobster is a watermelon coral hue with a dusting of shine. This color is very pretty and would look nice in the fall or paired against tanned skin.

{My Address is \”Hollywood\”}

My Address is \”Hollywood\” is a light plum hue that also has the dusting of glitter shine. At first I wasn\’t a fan of this shade, but after having it on for an entire day I really fell in love with it.

{Color to Diner for}

Color to Diner for is a deep cherry shade, that is perfect for the more color reserved. This red is actually very pretty and sophisticated. However it is my least favorite color in the collection since I am not a red fan.

{French Quarter for your Thoughts}

French Quarter for your Thoughts  is a concrete gray with a touch of blue. This hue is definitely pretty and I am already considering pairing it with a raspberry colored dress.

{Suzi Takes the Wheel}

Suzi Takes the Wheel is a murky gray with a touch of green and blue mixed together. This seems to be a pretty unique color and would definitely be gorgeous in the fall.

{A-Taupe the Space Needle}

A-Taupe the Space Needle as you can see this is not quite a taupe Which I did find to be disappointing because I do love my taupe polishes. This hue is actually more of a western brown that is trying to be a taupe. I think based on the person wearing this shade it will look more brown or more taupe. While it may not be what I had hoped for I actually love this color. It won\’t replace \”You Don\’t Know Jacques\”, but it will be a nice change up color.

{Uh-Oh Roll Down the Windows}

Uh-Oh Roll Down the Windows is gorgeous army olive green that will definitely be popular through the entire fall season.

{Get in the Expresso Lane}

Get in the Espresso Lane is a vampy dark brown that definitely reminds me of espresso beans.

 {Honk if you love OPI}

Honk if you love OPI is a dark purple wine shade. My all time favorite dark purple is \”Linkin Park After Dark\” and I feel this hue is a shade or two darker than that one so I am definitely loving it.

{I Brake for Manicures}

I Brake for Manicures is a deep and dark plum shade with a touch or black. It is extremely pretty.

{Road House Blues}

Road House Blues is a dark royal blue. Immediately I thought this hue would look gorgeous with some of the outfits that the Duchess of Cambridge has been spotted wearing. Think about this color paired with white or maybe a lighter royal blue and you have yourself a gorgeous sophisticated outfit!

My overall thoughts of the collection
This is the first fall collection that I have tried and I am absolutely loving it. The only color in this collection that I would not wear is \”Color to Diner for\” and that\’s because I am not a red fan at all. I loved the fact that this collection contained a couple colors that were not dark. While I absolutely love dark colors this collection allows you to transition into fall which I absolutely love!

What is your favorite color in this collection?

36 Comments on “OPI Touring America

  1. I like the first three colors….I'm not a fan of dark colors but since they have been on trend the last few seasons I will cave if it's dark purple or has sparkles like my private jet 🙂 hope you're having a good day!


  2. Nude will be on my list for a while now too!I like the look of 'are we there yet?' It is very like another OPI shade- Hot n Spicy which is my go-to nail of the moment.I love all the names of OPI colours.


  3. ow! LOVE! I eat mainely lobster is perfection. And I'm excited about nudes for the fall too. I love your OPI posts 🙂


  4. I love the Taupe! IM going to a wedding next week and you just reminded me i need a matching nail polish! eek!


  5. Ooh! I love OPI, but it takes me a long time to warm up to neutrals for my nails. Still, I see a few here that might be worth trying 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog and following! 🙂 It was a lovely surprise today.


  6. I'm not totally sure I could pull off the gray polish, but I do like it! I've been wearing lots of pastels this summer- corals, lemon yellow, lavender. I can't help it when they are so pretty!Cheers!merihttp://merigoesround.com


  7. loving the space needle and the blue!!!!! too bad i cant check this collection out for a while.


  8. well I am a fan of red as long as its not too bright so the Color to Diner shade is right up my alley


  9. Ok, I am the WORST at having the right colors on my nails for the season! This post has gotten me straightened out! Whew…I love that metallic is in! 🙂


  10. Hey girl, thank you SOO much for stopping by my blog. Your blog might be my new obsession!! I'm love the OPI cajun shrimp. It's an older color but still my favorite.


  11. French Quarter for your thoughts is probably my favorite! I have to ask–how often do you paint your nails? I HATE doing it! It takes so long to dry and I can't sit still!


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