The many hats of the Royal Ascot

The Kentucky Derby has nothing on the hats that have been spotted at the Royal Ascot horse races the past few days. I must say that I wish I lived in England and could attend such an elaborate event filled with some unique hats.


What do you think of the hats at the Royal Ascot?

 If I were to attend the Royal Ascot I would probably choose one of these fascinators. Not necessarily the color, but for sure the style.

23 Comments on “The many hats of the Royal Ascot

  1. ahhhhh I love their hats! I think it would be so much fun….not only do you get too shop for shoes and a clutch but a crazy hat too. England here I come


  2. I love seeing all of these hats~ They are all so extravagant and beautiful! xo


  3. I don't think I'd ever have the confidence to wear one and \”own it\”!


  4. This was one of my favorite things about Australia, they too have a thing for the fascinators. During racing season the stores would be filled with them, I had so much fun trying them all on and even managed to bring 3 or 4 back home with me 😉 It's amazing how much these babies can cost though!


  5. ohhhhh these are fabulous! ill be honest, all the royal wedding hype was not very exciting to me, but now i am kind of falling in love with this tradition…esp. the hats!!!! 🙂


  6. Love the hats!!! Not that I'd wear a lot of them, but I still love it!


  7. Some of those hats are really fun, but I think others get too much and are gaudy. I like the ones you posted outside the royal ones!


  8. Oh my goodness gracious, I had no idea hats could get THIS crazy! One looks like a rainbow-colored pinwheel. I can imagine that some of them would get pretty heavy.. I would have a migraine after wearing some of them! 🙂


  9. So much fun! There use to be an older lady at our church that wore a different hat every Sunday! It was so much fun to see what she would wear from week to week.


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