Make your mani last

How frustrating is it to spend money on a gorgeous manicure with the hottest color or nail art just to have it chip off in two days? So money is tight and a lot of us are doing our own nails. We kind of expect chipping to happen, but it\’s frustrating none the less. Here are a few tips that I swear by, for keeping your nails chip-free longer.

Add some shape and keep them short
Do you like the square nail? How about the rounded? Or maybe the soft square? Whatever your nail style is embrace it. Shape is key when it comes to helping a manicure last. You want a shape that is not going to get caught on anything which would result in breakage.

Sure long nails can be absolutely gorgeous, however I am one that doesn\’t let mine go beyond my fingertip. Why? For one my nails do not hit keys while I am typing which is a big cause of chippage for many people.  Also this allows my nails to stay out of the way if I go to reach something or am using harmful products such as bleach.

 Coat them daily!
When you get your nails done, the manicurist will apply a clear top coat to your nails after color. There is  an important reason this is done. The clear top coat is a barrier which protects your nails from chipping as well as cracking. In order to keep or create that gorgeous salon look, be sure to add a clear top coat to your nails every day during the duration of your manicure.

So here is the big secret….
Your nails chip first at the top… correct? When applying your extra top clear coats daily you should do one swipe across the tips of your nails and then do this rest. It\’s just a little extra protection for your nails.

 The Base of it all
 I have said before that sometimes I wear a base coat and sometimes I do not. Since November I have not worn a base coat once. You might say… well you sure do change your polish a lot. To be honest I take it off when I get bored of the color or buy a new polish hue. Trust me, you\’ll never see me with chipped nails. I can get my nails to last over a week without chippage, and my Mum goes over two weeks with NO chippage – and she wears rubber gloves daily!

Just a little extra tid bit…..
You may have been always told to put 2-3 coats on your nails. Sometimes I do this and sometimes I have upwards of seven coats on my nails. It all depends on the look I am going for, and how long I want it to last.

The KISS manicure kit is my go to manicure kit. It has everything that you need in it to create gorgeous nails!

Do you have any tips for longer polish wear?

25 Comments on “Make your mani last

  1. Thanks for this! I have been painting my nails a lot more lately and hate the chipping. But I was not using the top coat. I will have to try that now.


  2. Great tips! Manicures don't last long on me because my haste in cooking sometimes wrecks my nails. I did get a mani/pedi this past weekend so I hope it lasts awhile!


  3. I love all your nail posts–I have almost given up on paying for mani's because they chip so easily! Thanks for the tips.


  4. Awesome tips! I use the top coat tip a lot and it seems to do the job.


  5. I usually try the clear top coat daily when I want to make it last, so I'll remember to work at the top first!! Thanks 🙂 Have you tried the Sally Hansen salon effects yet?!


  6. These are great tips! I don't get manicures very often because they don't usually last that long but now that I know how to extend their shelf life, I may just be getting them more often 🙂


  7. Thanks for the tips. I hate when my nails chip, which is all too often.


  8. I just got mine done the other day and they used gel. It isn't acrylic, but it lasts forever. I love it because it doesn't feel thick and the polish stays on. Granted this is getting them done, but it is worth it!


  9. Great tips!! I never do my nails (due to chipage), but I think they look so darn good when they're done! Next time I do them, I will be looking back at this post 🙂


  10. Wonderful post!! I try to remember to swipe the tops of my nails first, but usually forget. My nails are usually square to squoval, I think. I picked up two new Essie colors last week. My first time to use a brand other than OPI in a looong time.


  11. Step one to a manicure is to have presentable nails…must stop picking at them…so gross


  12. This is super helpful! I usually do my own manicures, but getting the exact shape I want down can be a pain. xo


  13. This is such great advice! I am definitely going to try some of these suggestions. They are quite simple to incorporate!


  14. Thanks for the extra tips!I didnt even think to keep putting extra coat over it! i usuakky carry around the same color nail polish in my purse because I cannot stand chipped nail polish. I diff want that manicure set!xo


  15. Great tips! I usually opt for a round shape to mine- but definitely need to try coating them more often so that they stay chip-free longer!


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