Memorial Weekend Recap

Hey there, dolls! How was your weekend? The weather was actually pretty gorgeous here, finally saw some sun and blue skies! This was the first memorial day in a long time that I was not sitting beach or poolside getting my tan on. What\’d you do this weekend?

23 Comments on “Memorial Weekend Recap

  1. Those Tootsie Rolls are too cool. I need to get some asap!Well, it rained all weekend (again!), but I still managed to get my pork butt on the \”Big Green Egg.\” It cooked all night and will cook all day. I can't wait for some wonderful pulled pork sandwiches and BBQ sides. I am not going to let the rain ruin the fun!Glad to here you had blue skies and warm weather. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. When I wasn't running around to other people's parties, I was at home baking and splurging on all the tv marathons! Great wrapup!


  3. Are those tootsie rolls for real? They are so cute! I haven't had animal crackers in ages- so yummy!! I have done a little bit of everything this weekend. Time with family, friends, the pool, yard work, teaching, etc!


  4. went to the Indy 500 race yesterday and worked in the yard today – nothing too exciting but enjoyed the 3-day weekend!


  5. I love it! The tootsie rolls are too cute. I have never seen those before. This weekend I ate more barbecue than the law should allow…LV


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