Hello Sun

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How do you feel about yellow?

23 Comments on “Hello Sun

  1. Oh yes, I love yellow! It makes everything bright and cheery anc and can totally change my mood when I am wearing it. Your porrtion measurers are a huge hit! I sent it to my sister and she ordered some to use at her place. She said it was a great idea! Have a great Monday!


  2. Yellow is totally one of my favorite colors…especially in the summer. Unfortunately, the sun is NOT shining today and it looks like we will have a tornado 😦 Hope yall got some of the sun we had this past weekend!


  3. This post makes me happy 🙂 Yellow is my favorite color. Its just so cheery! I need a yellow bathing suit now!!


  4. LOVE that bathing suit! So cheery.Thanks for joining in the swap. Be sure to link up if you want others to find your blog. :)Have a great day!


  5. I went browsing (shopping) the other day and noticed that most of the bathing suits this year are yellow. We might actually get away with singing \”Yellow Polka-dot Bikini\” this year.?.?.


  6. oh the sunshine in this post, lol.. the lemon yellow makes me crave that lemonade and a beachside hut.. oh and that cake, yummy! the color is so cheerful, thanks for putting a smile on my face today!–LorenaTravelDesignery.com.


  7. I used to hate hate hate yellow. but now I love it, it looks so happy. I have no idea what changed, it just clicked for me. The only thing is I need to tan to look good in yellow


  8. Great post!! Loving' all the yellow:)ps: i didn't want you to think I was being rude by not saying thanks but my package never arrived, just a lil FYI.Hope your week has started off great!!


  9. This post made me very happy! Ha. Especially because of that big yellow, cheery cake! Love it.


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