Warm Weather Favorites

It has been raining everyday for what seems like all of April and May. Clearly there will be no spring for me this year, and winter will turn to summer rapidly. With that in mind I am currently forgetting the gloomy skies and thinking about warmer weather. 

 {The EveryGirl\’s Guide to Life by Maria Menounos}
I was beyond excited when I found out Maria Menounos had a book coming out. I think she has impeccable style and is pretty much flawless. I have only had her book a couple days and am almost done with it. It\’s a quick, easy and informational and fun read. The book focuses on anything any girl would want to know from skin care and style to saving money and having an organized life. I definitely recommend you go out and get this book – it would make a great pool side summer read!
{Marley Lilly Monogrammed Floppy Hats}
From the Royal Wedding to the Kentucky Derby hats are everywhere, and the trend isn\’t going anywhere anytime soon. I am absolutely loving this Marley Lilly Monogrammed Floppy Hat. How perfect would it be to wear on the beach or out on the town with friends?! I have one and I can\’t wait to show you what it looks like…. when it stops raining!
You know me I absolutely love jewelry from earrings to necklaces and bracelets they are all my absolute favorite. I recently discovered Wendy Mink Jewelry and immediately fell head over heels in love with almost every single piece. From tribal to feminine there is a bit of everything available on the website which I absolutely love. Each piece is perfectly crafted and you can tell a lot of pride and love goes into each piece. I know you need some new jewelry in your life!

{OKA b. Shoes}

You know I couldn\’t make a post about warmer weather essentials without including my favorite summertime shoes OKA b. If you have not bought a pair or ten you are definitely missing out! They are in expensive, comfortable and just so darn cute!!!

{Washed Habotai One Shoulder Dress by Tibi}
A few really cute summer dresses. I am currently loving Tibi, Tucker and Lilly… what about you?!
What are your warm weather favorites?

PS are you in love with the eyelashes of the  with the Stars girls? I most definitely am! I just found out that the lashes worn by the professionals and celebrities are by Ardell Lashes! Of course I had to share this little bit of information with you!

26 Comments on “Warm Weather Favorites

  1. I just posted about Maria's book on Monday, I was carrying it around Target debating over whether or not I wanted to buy it…..as well as Lauren Conrad's style book and Whitney Port's book….


  2. oh, don't even get me started about all the rain! lol Its downright depressing! Esp after the harsh winter we had! Summer staple…crocks flip flops…not so fashionable…but oh so comfy!


  3. I'm also reading that same book right now. It is really great. I'll be posting a review of it sometime this next week or this weekend. 🙂


  4. I just purchased Maria's book and I can't wait to start reading it!!! My Marley Lilly hat got so many compliments at the horse races-I even had boys come up to me and till me they liked it. I'll have to check out that jewelry company too!


  5. LOVING that dress! I would love to rock that when i get some color to my skin!have a good weekend!


  6. I love false eyelashes!! I only wear them for very special occasions, but it's amazing what they do for your eyes. I'll have to try Ardell lashes next time!


  7. I normally put on lashes when i go out. I have a collection! But thanks to that Lash Card, I can pass unless I really want to Glam it up!


  8. I love being a girl and enjoying all this eyecandy :)Beautiful pictures! What a lovely Friday post.


  9. I just read an article about Maria and it said that she does her own makeup for events. I LOVE that about her!


  10. Grrr, Utah has been horrible with warm weather too! I love the yellow dress…I am looking for a fund marigold summer dress 🙂


  11. Have you read Lauren Conrad's style book? I liked it. :o)And those OKA B shoes remind me of Crocs (the cute styles of course!).Thanks for visiting my blog!-Samanthahttp://thisfashionista.blogspot.com


  12. I want a Marley Lilly hat so badly! They are so cute and preppy! P.S. Natural glow really does work! On places where my skin tends to be more dry (my neck, knees, elbows, and feet), I mix half natural glow and half regular lotion so I don't turn out orange, but other than that, it's great!


  13. Happy Sunday Erica 🙂 I know about the rain, everyday I ask Jeremy is it raining in Michigan today, yep! What is the deal?!I hope it warms up and the sun shines soon for you, so you can sport your summer faves!Yay for big floppy hats, love em!xo gi gi


  14. I have Maria Menounos book on my b’day wish list. I want it bad and have a lot of admiration for her. Definitely looking forward to reading it!The Marley Lilly hats are so cute and I wouldn’t mind one of those either.


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