Luminous Lashes

 {Lash Card, Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara and eyelash curler}
Yes, that is a small tube of mascara. I have extremely sensitive eyes, and have to change my mascara every month. My current favorite mascara is Benefit Bad Gal Lash, and since it is $19 a tube and I waste most of it I buy samples from Benefit bars. The samples usually cost me $9 a piece.
 {a Lash Card packet contains 10 cards. Each is individually wrapped}
{First i curled my lashes}
 {next I held my Lash Card in place}

 • note I used both the small and large sides of the arch

 {make sure you hold it even with your eyelid and begin to brush your mascara onto your lashes}
 {and repeat with the other eye.}

* note my hair is being held out of my eyes with my No-Crease Bow Clip from Ricky\’s NYC

 {finished product}

 No-Crease Bow Clips come in a variety of colors. Here are a few of my favorite.

You have asked me before to share some of my beauty secrets with you and these are two of my absolute favorite ones.

The Lash Card always me to have luminous lashes without the mess on my eyelids and it always allows for that extra va-va voom.

Ricky\’s No Crease Bow Clips is just simply amazing! I don\’t know how any girl who does her hair or makeup can live without these clips!

What do you think of the Lash Card?
What do you think of the No-Crease Bow Clips?

25 Comments on “Luminous Lashes

  1. I think I need both! :)I absolutely hate when the clips leave creases in my hair, such a pain. I am a hair first, makeup second type of girl too.


  2. I love these two ideas! I'm going to have to get those clips! Creases drive me nuts!


  3. That's genius! That sucks that you have to get a new mascara every month but the sample idea is smart!Thanks for posting!


  4. The bow clips seem wonderful. I hate when my hair gets that weird crease!


  5. I need a beauty & makeup mentor, interested 😉 I am just so terrible at it. The bow clips sound fab- I would use these daily!


  6. Oh I definitely need both! I had doing my eyebrows! What a great little tool thingy! So glad you introduced it to me! Hope your having a fabulous day!Xojessica


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