Urban Bloom the collection you\’ll want to own

{from left to right Bluetylicious, East Side Envy, I Lilac Nothin’, So Much Melon Drama, Baby Blue‐mers and Butter‐Me‐Up}
Dashing Diva\’s Urban Bloom contains six glamourous colors that definitely have me thinking spring. 
{So Much Melon Drama}

So Much Melon Drama is a pink/coral creme and is the perfect color for spring. *Remember coral, peach and oranges are hot for spring* This shade is definitely a feminine shade and is my favorite hue in the collection. This color will be great for a brunch with the girls.

{I Lilac Nothin\’}

I Lilac Nothin’ is a lilac creme. This color is very feminine and is a fabulous shade for a spring time garden party. This could possibly be the hue that I base my Easter outfit around.


Bluetylicious is a medium sea blue. I don\’t tend to wear blue on my fingers however you can usually find blue on my toes during the summer.  Out of all the blues that I own I think this one is \”it\”. The perfect color for laying out poolside.

{East Side Envy}

East Side Envy is a yellowish green base with yellow shimmer.  Usually I am not a huge fan of green, but this one is definitely gorgeous. Wear this to your next party and everyone will be green with envy.

  {Baby Blue mers}

Baby Blue mers is a pale blue with silver shimmer. Think fourth of July barbecue\’s or a boat getaway this polish would definitely be the star.

 {Butter Me Up}

Butter‐Me‐Up is a gorgeous light butter yellow that has a heavy yellow/gold shimmer. This color is definitely a great shimmery polish for any wedding. I am thinking this color would look great on a bride or any guest.

My thoughts on the collection
I actually LOVED every single one of the colors in this collection. I can actually think of events that I would wear each color to. Not to mention Butter Me Up is now my go to color for weddings, when I want the extra glam look. I Lilac Nothin’ now has me dreaming up a garden party.

What colors are you loving from this collection?


34 Comments on “Urban Bloom the collection you\’ll want to own

  1. I like the buttermeup and the so much melon drama. I don't really wear much polish on my nails…but its getting closer to pedi time…and I DO wear it on my toes!


  2. I think they are all beautiful. I can see myself wearing each and every color.


  3. Thank you so much for stopping at my blog and left your comment!I like so much your blog too! Pretty.Kisses and hugs oxoxoxif you follow me, I'll follow you back 🙂


  4. Thank you so much for your kind comment. I love, love these nail polish. What a fantastic and informative blog you have…XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


  5. I have to go with the Melon Drama as I'm totally digging those shades for spring!! Great colors. You remind me that I need to be a little bit more colorful!


  6. I love butter me up! I may add this to my ever expanding docket of polishes to buy. When I am living in a box on the side of the road in poverty, but have great nails- I will know you are to blame. :)Thanks for the encouragement on weight loss. I am trying to buckle down now because I haven't made much progress this year.


  7. These shades are so fun, and I especially like the Bluetylicious color! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I've added yours to my Google Reader and look forward to reading your future posts!


  8. the lilac is lovely!!! you always have the most fabulous colors and collections to show!<3 megan


  9. My favorite color is the lilac one. I've just learned a new method that would pair so well with that color. You should try the newspaper print nail method with that color. That would look so good!


  10. The name \”Bluetylicious\” is really cute! I love when polishes have cute names. Baby Blue mers looks so pretty for spring and I can see Butter Me Up as a nice everyday color. So Much Melon Drama looks like a nice pedi color.


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