Wordless Wednesday: Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2010

Do you watch the Victoria Secret Fashion Show? What did you think of this years?

23 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2010

  1. Great pictures! I loved it too, always do! BTW, can you give some food tips that will help us look like those ladies??? :-)http://tryitonmegirl.blogspot.com/


  2. I can look at any fashion magazine, watch any Megan Fox movie, every episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, and feel great about myself. But nothing ruins my self esteem quite like the Victoria's Secret fashion show.XOXO


  3. I have it recorded and I will watch it later today:) I cant wait:)Kisses,sweetiePs: I am hosting a beautiful scarf GIVEAWAY today, just in time for Christmas.


  4. Oh excited for the giveaways and loving the pics of the fashion show. I couldn't watch the whole thing but what i saw I loved! Too bad I don't look like them in my VS! LOL!XOXJessica


  5. I don't watch the show, and have recently caught myself throwing out every Victoria's Secret ad/catalog that I get. It's all so fake to me- real women do not lounge around all day in their lingerie with their hair blown-out and wearing full make-up.On a random note, I think it's funny that not even Vicky's models can refrain from doing \”duck face\” when the camera is on them, lol.


  6. Thanks for posting this…I actually didn't get a chance to watch but now I feel like I didn't completely miss out!


  7. Hi thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 Ummm p.s. these lil ladies look quite ah-mazing! I wished I had seen the show on tv maybe it'd motivate me to get back on track with working out ha.~Erika


  8. The show was so good this year! I didn't see the million dollar bra or Marissa Miller though 😦


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