Not a traditional thanksgiving

{the gift that I made for the hostesses}

This year wasn\’t a traditional Thanksgiving. I went to a friends house where he made an injected deep fried turkey, and she made a couple of side dishes. It wasn\’t the usual Thanksgiving that I am use to, but it was a lot of fun.

{into the deep fryer}

{New Orleans style injected turkey}
{the spread}
{the pumpkin roll i made}

{their gorgeous tree}

{i love the bow}

40 Comments on “Not a traditional thanksgiving

  1. Yum, I think I'm still in a food coma from my own Thanksgiving feast! I've never had deep fried turkey, but I'm sure it's delicious. Just like everything else deep fried in this world! XO


  2. I've never had a deep fried turkey, but it looks good! It might not have been a traditional Thanksgiving meal, but all the food looked good!


  3. I love pumpkin rolls! (and I am from TX) 🙂 There was a great place to buy them in San Antonio and I miss that so much.I am glad you had a good Thanksgiving with friends.


  4. If I could, I would box up tonight's dinner and ship to you and the boy. He would get all the t-day stuff and you wouldn't have the hassle 🙂


  5. This all looks sooo yum! I'm still on leftovers and might be forever. Love your sweet tree too.Hope you had a terrific weekend and a lovely week ahead!


  6. yum, now i'm hungry again! maybe we'll try deep frying the bird next year?? looks does that pumpkin cheesecake, that's genius…my family may actually eat that pie!


  7. Gimme some of dat mashed potatoes!I haven't had some in so long and it was the only thing I missed in our Thanksgiving spread…


  8. Beautiful tree! I love that you have a New Orleans style turkey – that's where I'm from, and anything New Orleans style is bound to be good! Also that pumpkin cheesecake looks amazing.


  9. I need to learn how to make my bow like that for my tree!! I love them when the rest of the ribbon dangles down to the bottom…although, my cat may ruin it if I decorate my tree that way.


  10. It all looks yummy and you look like you had some great portion control going on. :)in regards to your WW question…the new calculation involves four things…carbs, total fat, protein, and fiber…I heard the formula is secretly guarded or something…lol Etools is allowing you to calculate starting today. I haven't gotten any of the written material yet, as my weekly meeting is tomorrow!


  11. sigh, I want to try deep fried turkey so badly but haven't had a chance. I heard its fabulous and quite moist (I think it would be the opposite!)Can't wait to see the spin dip recipe!


  12. Wow what a feast! Your pumpkin roll looks so tasty & I love your gift basket, what a great guest you are x Emma


  13. My family switched over to deep fried poultry a few years ago and we love it!! Your Thanksgiving spread looks like something to be thankful for 🙂


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