All Hallows Eve

{the hues for a halloween manicure}

{black onyx and candy corn coated nails}

{hello kitty pumpkin}

{wicked witch… 100 pound pumpkin}

{halloween movies by candle light}

Have a Happy Halloween!


25 Comments on “All Hallows Eve

  1. Your candy corn nail is so cool! And your pumpkins look amazing! 100 pounds?? Wow, that's a big pumpkin. I'm hoping to carve pumpkins tonight. Can't wait!xoValerie


  2. Okay wait a sec. That witch pumpkin is yours?? You have MAJOR SKILLS! How did you guys ever lift that mother?? And the carving is impeccable!! Is the Hello Kitty yours too?? Suddenly I want to go to the pumpkin patch…but the hot mess I'd produce would not be anything like your awesome pumpkins!!xoxo,Carrie


  3. Oh, candy corn nails sound really cool! I hope to get my nails done by Halloween, fingers crossed, ha ha!Great pumpkins, I think we are doing ours tomorrow night!Smoochiesgi gi


  4. so cute, what a cozy life you lead, I always want to take a nap (in a good way!!) When I come to your page, good food, pretty things.. sigh, I love it. I also love that halloween manicure set though I'm far too lazy to do it to myself.


  5. Oh my gosh, these pumpkins are amazing! (I love the witch one :)). Thanks so much for your comment, I love meeting new bloggers and I'm thrilled it led me to your beautiful blog!


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