These boots are made for walking

{Elle Riva Wedge Knee High Boot}

One of my absolute favorite things about autumn is boots. I love them! Every autumn I get at least five new pairs of boots. It\’s such an addiction… and my collection is fabulous!
{ Burberry Buckle Strap Suede Boot}

{Anthropologie Bowtied Beauty Boots}

{Anthropologie Prime Pairing Bootie}

{Candie\’s Wisper Tall Boots}
{Coconuts Gilly Slouch Boot}
{Naughty Monkey \’Detective\’ Boot}

{Naughty Monkey \’Rounded Up\’ Boot}

{Rialto Soul Search Tall Boots}

Do you love boots in autumn?
What is your favorite pair of boots this autumn?


27 Comments on “These boots are made for walking

  1. I've always been a pointed toe type of gal, but this year I scored a pair of round toe, tall shaft all leather boots by Indigo for $9 at my local Goodwill – total score! Super comfy and a style that will last through the trends.My fav from your list is the top one. They are super cute! I love the bows down the side – sex-say!!!!


  2. I love boots! I bought the grey pair in the first picture about a month ago but it has been so warm I have not worn them yet. I am going to NYC this weekend and cant wait to put them on!


  3. Girl I do love boots. I've got a boot problem. That first pair is so fabulous.I'll take them any way I can get them – flat, wedge, stick heel – you name it.My faves are by Chloe, but my wallet has put the smack down on me!xoxo,Carrie


  4. I'm totally into any shoe that Anthropologie carries. Their selection is phenomenal and always original! Great taste girly!


  5. I'm right there with you!!! I love boots though I bought two this season and I'm hoping for just one more so I don't go crazy. Love those blue ones and of course Anthropolige's collection because it's always so f'ing good.


  6. I love boots! They are by far my favorite things for Fall/Winter. I bought a new pair of brown booties that I adore 🙂


  7. I love boots! I'm so happy that the weather has finally cooled down to wear boots.. I'm obsessed with over the knee boots! Thanks for the comment! I'm a new follower too! xo TMATERIALGIRLS23.BLOGSPOT.COM


  8. That Candies blue boots are so sweet, but I could never say no to that first pair of wedge boots (I love my own pair to death :)).


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