October Sky

{a festive table}

Autumn is my absolute favorite season. The crisp air, the crunch of the leaves beneath my feet, the smell of fresh made cider and donuts. Everything is perfect, and this year with the help of my Meeme and my Mummie I now have some fabulous decorations and have brought the scent of autumn inside. So here is a peak at festive home.

{pumpkin spice candle and leaf candle holder from my Meeme}
{lots of festive fall candles}


{a peak outside}

Do you decorate for Halloween or autumn? If so how do you decorate?


19 Comments on “October Sky

  1. I don't really decorate, maybe the odd pumpkin in the window sometimes, but I love all your decorations especially the ghost, it's really cute xxx


  2. i dont decorate. i rarely decorate for christmas (this bothers my mom! LOL )but i love when other people decorate.


  3. I love the decoration! I just love fall decorations, October and November… Halloween, Thanksgiving… I think fall is my favorite time of year. I don't have any decorations up yet, but I think this weekend I am going to go buy some!


  4. SO CUTE!! I don't have many decorations, But I do have one hanging on our front door…living int eh city no fun pumpkins on your porch (Live in a high rise!)


  5. CUUUUUTE decorations!! I love the outside ones. I just decorated my office for autumn. I love autumn decorations more, but I put up some halloween items too. I have carved a pumpkin every year of my life for halloween!xxCasey


  6. Looks awesome! I wish I were better at seasonal decorating. This year we are having a small Halloween cocktail party, so I'm definitely going to do something!


  7. Love the candle. If it was up to me (for Halloween) all I'd use is candles, but my kids LOVE to spruce the house up with skeletons, spiders, skulls, etc!


  8. I like that ghost, it makes me want to make my own decorations. So far I only have a wreath and a fall centrepiece. I can't wait to go pick out pumpkins this weekend!


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