While the weather might still be warm outside I am already thinking fall hair change up! While I am absolutely in love with my long dark mermaid locks with mocha highlights the fall always makes me want to do something \”different\” to my locks. This year I am thinking about getting bangs! Over the past few years many celebrities have gotten bangs, and honestly I am loving the look. Especially the long sweeping bangs.

What do you think of bangs? Love them or hate them?
Would you ever get them?


33 Comments on “Bangs

  1. I love long sweeping bangs as I think they soften the face. In fact, I have them as well.Remember when Jennifer Aniston cut long bangs? I think they made her look so much better. Younger actually.Anyway, I say go for it. If you don't like them, you can always grow them back.Have a great weekend.


  2. I'd do anythingggg to have nicole richie's bangs! they are always perfect! About four years ago, My cousin thought she can cut my bangs like her… big mistake. They still messed up to this day! yikes!<3 loved this post !xoxo-kristin


  3. love bangs, would die to get them but I have super curly hair so getting bangs means spending an hour in the morning everyday trying to perfectly straighten them. But hopefully someday my hair will become magically straight and then I'll have the side swept bangs.I just wanted to come and say Hi and also to say thank you for your lovely comment. I'd very much love for us to stay in touch. Hope to hear from you soon. Love from Toronto, Canada


  4. i have sweeping bangs for almost a year now. I like them at first but on some days they really get on my nerves. and as someone with oily hair, i find that the sweeping bangs give me acne on my forehead from all the excess oil. So im growin my bangs out. My skin is not prone to break outs… the bangs make it worse.


  5. I love bangs and I usually try them out about once a year. And when it's finally time to grow them out, I decide that I'm never going to cut bangs again… until the next year ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. I've always wanted bangs! I tried once, but my hair just does not fall right for them. *cries* ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I do want to do something to my hair this Fall though! Maybe highlights?-Ashley


  7. Maybe I am partial because I have bangs myself, but I just love them! They can really change up your appearance without having to change a lot.I always go back and forth between longer or shorter bangs. I saw a pic recently of mine and didn't like the way they looked.


  8. I love bangs, but only the long side sweeping kind for me. I love blunt cut bangs on celebrities though!


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