Cardi Party

5 Reasons you Should Own a Cardigan
  • Class it up. Cardigans are fabulous they are not only fabulous accessories to keep you warm, but they are great to wear to work or dinner with the boyfriends parents!
  • Color. Buy a cardigan in a bright color to dress up a neutral outfit. For example a plain black tank top with jeans, a colorful cardigan and simple jewelry. Hello runaway ready!
  • Wardrobe Versatility. All those fabulous summer tank tops we all have to have, and buy every summer. They look fabulous in the fall with a cardigan over them
  • Be prepared for anything. If you live in state such as Michigan with bi-polar unpredictable weather…. in the morning it could be 70 degrees and the afternoon it\’s 40. Cardigans are a cute accessory to throw on or off as needed; not to mention they\’ll never ruin your outfit!

21 Comments on “Cardi Party

  1. i actually just bought a really girly cardigan and have several on my wish list… cant get them all at once. gotta think about them a lil more LOL


  2. of course girl!!!i have a lot of cardis…not enough though, i wish i had every color in a bunch of different styles.i love cardigans!


  3. I also love cardigans! I think they come in so many different styles and are very versatile!www.a–


  4. i'm a cardigan fiend! i have them in every color, sleeve length and pattern. they take any outfit to polished in no time flat! i'm just glad its finally going to be cool enough to wear one! xoxo


  5. You hit the nail on the head with this one friend (i'm so nancy grace'ing it today!). I loved the cardigans you picked – they're all perfect and show how cardigans come in all shapes and sizes! Love them!!xoxo,Carrie


  6. Love the first picture of Reese! I constantly have cardigans on hand, especially when going from class to work with varying degrees of heat/air conditioning. Scarves and wraps are another great option that can liven up outfits and look good with cardis. 😉


  7. I own a ton of cardigans and pretty much wear them 3-4 times a week. I love the versatility and how they make any outfit work appropriate.


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