Nail the half-moon mani AKA "the Ruffian"

The half-moon manicure or \”The Ruffian\” has been spotted in prior runway shows, and it\’s definitely here to stay. As it is popping up all over the runway for the spring 2011 collection. So I thought I would do a little DIY since a lot of you are absolutely loving the look!

So my half-moon manicure may not be perfect, but it was my first try.

First I polished on a base coat, next two coats of You don\’t know Jacques by O.P.I. I waited for the polish to dry completely.

You\’ll need hole reinforcements to complete the look.

Next, I stuck on the stickers (pictured above). The stickers blocked out a small arch at the bottom of my nail bed. NOTE: I folded the stickers in half and only had sticky parts touching my skin or cuticle area. The stickers will pull your polish off if you aren\’t careful.

I polished Black Onyx by O.P.I. on top.

After Black Onyx dried I pulled off the hole reinforcements and polished a top coat onto my nails.

I think it turned out pretty fabulous! What are you thinking of my half-moon mani?


25 Comments on “Nail the half-moon mani AKA "the Ruffian"

  1. Wow! What an awesome idea! I love painting my nails, but I usually go with tooth picks to do everything but this is a fabulous idea <3Thanks for the idea!-kristin.


  2. I have to say that you feed my need for polish! I have a running list of brands and colors and my hubby thinks I will need a 12 step program if I continue. I have left an award for you on my blog.


  3. I'm in Beaver County (North) and I work in Sewickley. It's a hard place for a new person because so many people stay/ come back (as in my case) to the area. We need to find a blogger conference to go to!


  4. These look GREAT! Although with my skills, I'd have to stop at step one for sure, haha.xo Josie


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