Queen B Spotted

As you may or may not know I absolutely love headbands. I wear them six out of seven days of the week and coordinate them to my clothes. I have done this way before Gossip Girl even existed. I wish they would have Blair wear headbands in college… they\’re trendy for college. In honor of Gossip Girl season premier tonight here are some of my favorite handbands Blair has worn.

23 Comments on “Queen B Spotted

  1. I wonder if the producers at the beginning had known that beotchy Blair would become the stand-out star and fashion icon of the show, even outshining Serena. Thanks for the reminder about the season premier tonight!


  2. I love headbands. I don't wear them that often, but when I do, I'm reminded of how much I love em!


  3. Awww those headbands are so cute and they look great on her!!!!! I'm not big on headbands. Everytime I put one on I take it back off. I'm sure it doesn't look as horrible as I think it does…but I've never actually left the house with one on. I need to broaden my horizons it seems. LOL Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂


  4. I used to love hairbands. . . but they always hit that spot behind my ears that cause major headaches! The cloth ones that you tie never stay on and slip from my hair. 😦


  5. Those headbands all look so adorable on her! I used to wear headbands a lot more but don't much anymore for some reason.Some of my favorite ones really start to hurt my head so midway through the day I will have to take it off..hate that.


  6. I feel as if Blair was born in a headband! I can never quite pull it off like she does. I love how she can dress them up and down!


  7. I LOVE Blair and adore all her headbands. I definitely wear headbands. I feel like it's such a cute/easy hairdo fix when I don't have time for anything else. I cannot wait for Gossip Girl tonight!xoValerie


  8. i absolutely, 100% love headbands! i have a huge collection too, and like you, i started wearing them long before gossip girl made them all trendy. love blair and her headbands. :D<3, Mimihttp://whatmimiwrites.blogspot.com/


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