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How To: Beach Bun

Living in a beach town you tend to spend a good portion of time at the beach. As a result buns, ponytails and chignons become daily essentials. My current favorite is the beach bun or nautical knot. Not only does it keep the hair… Continue Reading “How To: Beach Bun”

DIY: Flower Tower

 {filling in after one week} I am always trying to come up with new ways to display flowers. Last year I created a tilted whimsical planter (seen here). This year I did two different versions of the planter that I will post next week.… Continue Reading “DIY: Flower Tower”

How To: Hummingbird Food

I heard a radio announcement that the last of the hummingbirds should be back in the state by now, so I promptly made a batch of hummingbird food. If you have never made it before the process is extremely easy, and only calls for… Continue Reading “How To: Hummingbird Food”

How To: Neon Niles

{Add a topcoat for shine or skip it for a matte look} At least one major nail polish company releases bright or neon polishes each summer season. However did you know… that in the United States true “neon” polish is not allowed. If you… Continue Reading “How To: Neon Niles”

Chocolate Ombré

Ombré is all the rage right now from fashion to hair you’ll find it everywhere. This past weekend was cold and damp; ideal weather for experimenting in the kitchen. I made a devils food cake, frosted it in a crumb coat and used a… Continue Reading “Chocolate Ombré”