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How To: Buy Flowers on a Budget

{Tulips in season: $6} No matter what the time of year is you don’t have to spend a lot in order to have beautiful, fresh flowers around the house. Think beyond the elaborate bouquets and instead purchase one type of flower that is in… Continue Reading “How To: Buy Flowers on a Budget”

Five Things

 {never to old to play in the sand} On Tuesday I was convinced that this week was never going to end. So you can imagine how thrilled I am for the weekend to be here. My weekend will consist of unpacking, DIYing and indulging… Continue Reading “Five Things”

Five Things

 {individual scoops of ice cream for the weekend} Temperatures have been in the 90’s and yesterday it actually hit 100 degrees. With these temperatures it is clear that summer has arrived here in Michigan. I am excited for a relaxing holiday weekend filled with… Continue Reading “Five Things”

Five Things

 {Sunset under the Mackinac Bridge.} My week has been filled with gorgeous sunsets and plenty of time outside. This weekend I am off to visit one of my friends who is having a baby at the end of the month and then it is… Continue Reading “Five Things”

DIY Whimsical Planter

The parameter of my parent’s backyard is filled with flowers and grasses that bloom from spring until fall. My mum is always doing various creative things each year to change up the backyard. One thing remains the same each year, and that is the… Continue Reading “DIY Whimsical Planter”