DIY Whimsical Planter

The parameter of my parent’s backyard is filled with flowers and grasses that bloom from spring until fall. My mum is always doing various creative things each year to change up the backyard. One thing remains the same each year, and that is the abstract planter. The planter gives the backyard a whimsical touch that I absolutely love, and it makes this topsy planter one of my favorite aspects of the yard. This quirky planter is so simple to make you’ll want to put one up in your yard this weekend.
You will need:
• one rebar rod
• 1  12″ tall terracotta pot for the base
• 4   8\” tall terracotta pots
• flowers of your choice (I used impatients)
 {hammer your rebar rod straight into the ground.}
 {thread your pots onto the rebar and fill with soil.}
 {thread your next pot (this one will set in the soil) onto the rebar and tilt it to the side}
 {thread the next pot and tilt to the opposite side-remember to fill with soil}
 {keep layering each pot and filling with soil until you reach the end}
 {hammer the rebar into the ground further if needed}
{fill with flowers and enjoy}

20 Comments on “DIY Whimsical Planter

  1. I'm going to show this to my husband, he's really good with flowers and stuff and I'm sure he'll love the idea!


  2. Cute, cute planter. I always like seeing new idea for planting things like this one. Have a great weekend!


  3. Really cool idea and it looks lovely – will defo be giving this a go this year – thanks for the instructions on making it 🙂


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