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Outdoor Dining in Rochester, Michigan

Are you looking for a festive and adorable way to dine outdoors this winter? If you answered yes, I have the perfect place for you. Move over igloo dining, Tonia\’s Victorian Rose Tea Room is offering dining in a house that has been decorated… Continue Reading “Outdoor Dining in Rochester, Michigan”

Christmas Pop-Up: Jingle at Ale Mary’s Beer Hall

It\’s that time of year again, holiday bars are popping up all over Metro-Detroit to get you into the holiday spirit. These pop-ups are packed full of Christmas decor, Christmas themed and the perfect place to spread holiday cheer. Even though I do not… Continue Reading “Christmas Pop-Up: Jingle at Ale Mary’s Beer Hall”

Restaurant Review: Buddy’s Pizza

You\’ve heard of Chicago-Style and New York-Style, but have you heard of Detroit-Style pizza? If you haven\’t you all don\’t know what you\’re missing out on. The Detroit-Style Pizza legacy began at Buddy\’s Pizza in 1946, and for more than 70 years they\’ve been… Continue Reading “Restaurant Review: Buddy’s Pizza”

Restaurant Review: Johnny Noodle King

Ramen is a staple for anyone in college, right?! Wrong! While away at college many of my friends and fellow students would eat ramen, this girl… not so much. My roommate would chow down on ramen, and I would indulge in my peanut butter… Continue Reading “Restaurant Review: Johnny Noodle King”