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Restaurant Review: Buddy’s Pizza

You\’ve heard of Chicago-Style and New York-Style, but have you heard of Detroit-Style pizza? If you haven\’t you all don\’t know what you\’re missing out on. The Detroit-Style Pizza legacy began at Buddy\’s Pizza in 1946, and for more than 70 years they\’ve been… Continue Reading “Restaurant Review: Buddy’s Pizza”

Red, White and Made in Michigan

Memorial weekend is right around the corner, and Kroger has you covered with all your made in Michigan needs to complete your backyard barbecue. I don\’t know about you, but I love shopping for items that are made in Michigan, especially when they\’re conveniently… Continue Reading “Red, White and Made in Michigan”

Made in Michigan Gift Basket

I’m a big fan of supporting Michigan businesses and this holiday season I decided that neighbors, friends and family would be getting a basket filled with some of my favorite items from Michigan. Some baskets will only contain made in Detroit products, while others… Continue Reading “Made in Michigan Gift Basket”