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Movie Review: Sing 2

The original Sing movie came out in 2016. That’s nearly 5 years ago. With catchy songs and even catchier phrases, those adorable singing animals are back in the sequel that kids and adults have been waiting for. Your favorite Sing characters are back including… Continue Reading “Movie Review: Sing 2”

Movie Review: Encanto

Get ready to discover a new Disney favorite when Encanto comes to theaters November 24, 2021. Mirabel Madrigal comes from an exceptional family—quite literally. A magic candle has blessed several generations of Madrigals with special powers, from super-strength to the ability to heal with… Continue Reading “Movie Review: Encanto”

Movie Review: Clifford the Big Red Dog

I grew up in the 80s and if you did too, then you probably remember the Scholastic book fairs. This is where I was introduced to all the greats Bernstein Bears, Mercer Mayer and of course Clifford the Big Red Dog. My parents (dad… Continue Reading “Movie Review: Clifford the Big Red Dog”

Movie Review: The French Dispatch

The French Dispatch hits theaters everywhere this Friday, October 29. My friend JB introduced me to my first Wes Anderson film in college. It was The Royal Tenenbaums, and resulted in “What’s that jackass doing? I know you asshole” being yelled from our dorm… Continue Reading “Movie Review: The French Dispatch”

Movie Review: Dear Evan Hansen

Friday is going to be a good day and here’s why: Dear Evan Hansen comes to a theater near you! The generation-defining Broadway phenomenon Dear Evan Hansen comes to a theater near you this Friday, September 24, 2021 The best part, Tony, Grammy and… Continue Reading “Movie Review: Dear Evan Hansen”