Broadway Review: Beetlejuice The Musical

What happens when you say his name three times? He appears at the Detroit Opera House to put on one of the BEST Broadway performances that I have seen this season. Beetlejuice the Musical is different from Beetlejuice the movie, but not in a bad way. The Broadway production gives you a little bit of a different story and gives a more in-depth look into Lydia’s life.

Beetlejuice the Musical
Detroit Opera House
Now through February 12th

Purchase your tickets today at

Something really fun about Beetlejuice The Musical is that SO MANY of the audience members dressed up. I wore black and white striped pants, some people did something similar while others went all out and dressed like a character. It made for a really fun night.

If you’re looking for an OUT OF THE WORLD Broadway show to go see, Beetlejuice is it. I saw it last night, and I already want to grab tickets for another night!

Pro Tip: Bring earplugs the show is EXTREMELY loud, and my ears are still ringing.

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