Experience Gift Idea: Creative Arts Studio

Experience gifts are my favorite way to celebrate the season. If you’re local to metro Detroit, I highly recommend the Creative Arts Studio in downtown Royal Oak as an experience gift. I recently went with my mom and we had the best time, not to mention painted the cutest gnomes there ever,

How often do you look back at Facebook memories, and old photos in your phone and think to yourself, “buying that cheese board was such an amazing experience!” I don’t imagine anyone would.

Instead, I’m sure you remember that autumn you went to the apple orchard with your mom, or the time your grandparents took you to Disney World, or maybe the time your child was so proud of something they built for you. You get the idea, they’re the memorable moments that’ll put a smile on your face every time you think about them.

I know that for me there have been plenty of Christmas, birthday’s and other special occasions in my life where I would have received a physical gift that I wanted so badly, but if I’m being honest, very rarely have any been anything that I remember. I couldn’t tell you what I received last year for Christmas.

You know what I can tell you I remember? My grandparents taking the family to go see The Rockettes one Christmas and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat another. You see creating memorable experiences, is something you’ll hold dear.

You hear the older generation talk about regretting experiences they didn’t get to complete in life, but rarely do you hear them talk about regretting not buying more of this or that.

Why not move away from the physical gifts this holiday season, and start creating opportunities for memories that will only bring you and the people you care about closer together.

This holiday season I wanted to create a new memory with my mom. Something I could cherish forever, taking into consideration she falls asleep during shows I found the perfect thing for us to do. We went to the Creative Arts Studio in downtown Royal Oak to paint some pottery.

Creative Arts Studio offers walk-in paintings or they have classes. My mom and I attended the gnome pottery painting candle class. The class was a ton of fun, I got to spend quality time with my mum being creative and take home an adorable gnome with a candle that I painted.

Whether you’re looking for an experience gift, a night out, or just want to do something for yourself or with friends, I can’t recommend Creative Arts Studio enough!

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