2022 Gift Guide: Made in Michigan

In honor of Small Business Saturday, I am sharing nine Michigan businesses that I absolutely love. Not only have I personally purchased from all these Michigan businesses to give as gifts, but they’re my personal favorites. Explore nine of my favorite Michigan-made gifts to give below:

9 Made in Michigan Gifts to Give

My Captured Journey

My Captured Journey is based in based Michigan, and offers some unique jewelry pieces. My favorite pieces are the ones that have sand in them from the Great Lakes. I personally own an Upper + Lower bracelet with sand, an Upper Peninsula bracelet with sand, a ring with sand, and a necklace. As you can tell I am a huge fan of My Captured Journey’s products. I first discovered the brand a few years ago at Arts Beats and Eats in Royal Oak and have been hooked ever since.

Detroit Can Company

I actually just discovered Detroit Can Company while I was at St. Nick’s Craft Show at Henry Ford High School. Detroit Can Company features cans that are filled with Michigan goodies, and it’ll make the perfect gift for my homesick Michigan bestie who now resides in Florida.

Pewabic Pottery

My mum actually turned me on to Pewabic Pottery years ago. I love how unique the pieces are. I own a few pieces and will be adding a few more to my personal collection this year. As well as gifting a couple.

Stormy Kromer

The tried and true, classic UP company. Not only do I love Stormy Kromer signature hats, but their clothing is amazing as well. If you live in a cold weather state or if you’re a Michigander without this must-have you are truly missing out.

Kalamazoo Candle Company

Let me reintroduce you to my favorite candle company. Kalamazoo Candle Company is home to soy candles that provide a clean burn, long-lasting fragrance, and have a longer burn time than most brands on the market *cough Bath and Body Works cough*. My absolute favorite scent is I’ve Got a Gal which smells like Love Spell. I always have extra Kalamazoo Candles around the house to give as gifts.

Northern Nail Polish

Northern Nail Polish not only has unique colors but each polish is also named after places or things that are unique to Michigan. The polish is long-lasting, the color is gorgeous, and is easily one of my favorite brands. I purchased a few polishes for friends this year.

Grand Rapids Popcorn

No movie night, backyard bonfire, or cocoa board will be complete this holiday season without Grand Rapids Popcorn. I currently have a few flavors on my cocoa cart ready for guests. Grand Rapids Popcorn makes a great gift for neighbors.

Murdick’s Fudge

My favorite Mackinac Island Fudge ships! This summer I ate my body’s worth of Murdick’s Fudge while I biked around the island, and in 2020 I mailed it to friends and family for Christmas.

Michigan Mittens

Michigan Mittens, if you’re friends with me you’ve probably received them as a gift. I have multiple pairs, and I especially love the oven mitts!

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