Movie Review: Ticket to Paradise

Ticket to Paradise transcends us as movie-goers to places that we haven’t visited lately—the classic romantic territory, and I am beyond ecstatic about this. Ticket to Paradise is full of laughs, brilliant on-screen chemistry, and stunning views you won’t want to miss when it hit a theater near you this weekend.

If you are a rom-com movie fan like I am, you know that they’ve been greatly lacking, and by lacking I mean nonexistent. That is until tomorrow October 21, 2022, when Ticket to Paradise hits the big screen and will have you laughing, loving, and feeling wanderlust.

Ticket to Paradise follows Georgia (Julia Roberts) and David (George Clooney), a divorced couple who just can’t seem to get along, but are forced to place nice when their daughter graduates from college and then later emails them saying she’s getting married in Bali. Are you loving the vibes already? Roberts and Clooney have incredible on-screen chemistry, they’re hilarious and you can tell they had a ton of fun making the movie as the lighthearted fun spills over into Ticket to Paradise.

The couple doesn’t want their daughter to have a shotgun wedding, especially one that will repeat their mistakes. Of course, the movie isn’t that simple and the couple has underestimated their daughter’s future hubby and his family. Their daughter Lily (Kaitlyn Dever) and her friend Wren – my fave character (Billie Lourd) work to keep the wedding on the correct path. But you know I can’t spoil everything for you.

Enjoy the best rom-com we’ve seen all year when Ticket to Paradise comes to a theater near you this weekend.

P.S. I would go see this movie again.

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