Nomadik Subscription Review: Splash Zone Box

I received this Nomadik subscription box in exchange for my honest review.

When you spend the summer on the water paddleboarding and kayaking you can imagine my excitement for a Splash Zone themed Nomadik box. This fun box was filled with all the water essentials, and some fun goodies as well.

What was in the Splash Zone Subscription Box?

Klymit Lightweight Dry Bag

A dry bag is a quintessential part of any water adventure, and you can never have too many. Don’t forget to put valuables in a dry bag when you head on a hike, you never know when a popup rainstorm will happen. Made of durable and lightweight nylon fabric, it’s perfect for any adventure.

Chums Surfshorts Wallet

Made of rip-stop nylon, this wallet allows you to carry while keeping things small and compact. It’s perfect for adventures or beach-goers. It’s a new favorite I never knew I needed!

earth pak Waterproof Phone Case

You can never have enough waterproof phone cases, I keep one in every pack just so I make sure I always have one on adventures. What I love best about this one is its universal design fits all phone sizes, and that’s hard to come by with the ever-changing sizes of phones.

Green Goo Solar Goo Sunscreen

If you know me, you know I wear sunscreen every single day. And when it comes to adventures, I always need extra protection, and I am always looking for sunscreen that’s easy to take on the go. This one is a stick so it’s compact and convenient. Plus it’ll give you 40 minutes of moisturizing, water-resistant, broad-spectrum, SPF30 protection. And it’s coral-reef safe. Plus it only has SEVEN natural ingredients.

Bonus Nomadik Tips

Each Nomadik box comes with some tips and this box came with some great tops that I want to share with you too.

If you’re going to the lake or ocean, here’s a great packing list:
1. Sunscreen
2. Bug Spray
3. Change of clothes
4. Towel, umbrella, and beach chair
5. Cooler full of drinks and snacks
6. Book, headphones, or speaker
7. Dry bag and waterproof phone case
8. Water toys: paddleboard, kayak, floaties, etc.
9. Camera
10. Portable phone charger

Overall Thoughts

Absolutely loved this Nomadik box. The boxes just seem to get better and better each month.

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