31 Things To Do In July

Happy July! ‘Tis the season for bonfires, trips to the beach, and backyard BBQs. July is a sun-soaked month here in Michigan, so in order to take full advantage it I made she sure back this July bucket list with plenty of summer necessities.

1. Did you know July is National Ice Cream month? Start the month off right with a trip to your favorite local ice cream shop.

2. Give yourself a fresh pedicure so you’re extra confident stepping out in flip flops or barefoot this month. If heading to a salon for a pedicure isn’t your thing give yourself one at home. I am currently loving Zoya Pink Palette Summer 2022 and Zoya Hello Summer.

3. Adventure to a local state park or metro park. I love packing a picnic lunch, and going for a hike. If hiking isn’t your thing look for one that has water where you can hang out by the beach, go kayaking, paddling board or rent a pedal boat. You could even read a book while you listen to the water touch the shoreline. State parks and metro parks offer plenty of options no matter what type of adventure you’re looking for.

4 Happy Fourth of July! Pack a cooler and head to the beach. Have a backyard cookout or enjoy a picnic in the park. Whatever you decide to do I hope it’s the best day ever.

5 Happy Graham Cracker Day! Today’s the perfect day to grab a box of graham crackers, your favorite chocolate, a bag of marshmallows and enjoy an evening by a bonfire eating s’mores.

6. Plan a trip to a water park or splash pad.

7. Happy Chocolate Day! Make some brownies or chocolate chip cookies today.

8. Book a camping trip. There’s just something

9. Spend a couple waters on the water on a pedal boat. My local metro park has pedal boat swans, dragons and ducks for rent!

10. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is enjoy time around a bonfire, especially when it involves Hobo Pies.

11. Take me out to the ballpark. Baseball season is in full swing, head to the ballpark and catch a game, and maybe a ball too.

12. Go for a hike. There’s just something zen about venturing around the woods and enjoy time in nature. Be sure to spray yourself with tick spray before going!

13. Happy French Fry Day! Try making your own fries today.

14. It’s Shark Awareness Day today, celebrate by watching the classic Jaws.

15. Get up early and catch a sunrise.

16. Head out to the lake for a kayaking adventure.

17. Test your luck at a game of putt putt.

18. Go for a bike ride.

19. Catch a movie at a drive-in.

20. Unplug for 24 hours and just enjoy the little things the day brings.

21. Visit a farmers market.

22 Happy Hammock Day! Hanging out in a hammock is one of my favorite ways to unwind. Especially after a long week.

23. Do some stargazing.

24. Happy Self Care Day. Do something nice for yourself today, it can be something big like going to get a message or something small like lighting your favorite candle and just enjoying the moment.

25. Go fishing.

26. Visit a U-Pick farm.

27. Take a day trip to somewhere you haven’t been before.

28. Head a museum.

29. Do a random act of kindness.

30. Happy Cheesecake Day! Today is the perfect day to channel your inner Golden Girl.

31. Happy Avocado Day. Today is the perfect day to make some guac.

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