Movie Review: Brian and Charles

Brian and Charles is definitely not the typical movie that I would gravitate to. But one of my goals of 2022 is to expand my horizon in whatever capacity that I can. So when the opportunity presented itself to screen Brian and Charles I decided to give it a go. The quick verdict: it’s lovely and relatable.

Brian and Charles is in theaters this Friday (June 17, 2022)

Brian and Charles is filmed in a mockumentary style and set during a harsh winter in an isolated Welsh village where Brian (David Earl) is struggling on his own. Already sounds relatable, doesn’t it? In order to stay busy Brian decides to start building things. Most of the things he builds are meaningless, but then he gets an idea. Since friends weren’t coming to him, Brian decided he would make a friend of his own. And so he built a robot and called him Charles (Chris Hayward).

While loneliness is at the forefront of Brian and Charles, you definitely get some laugh out loud moments and plenty of quirky British comedy. As you can image the film has moments that will rip at your heart strings especially the bullying parts.

If you’re looking for something to watch this weekend give Brian and Charles a go!

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