Review: Mean Girls

Detroit! Have you heard something fetch and fun is in town now through June 19, 2022. While the movie will still remain my favorite this Broadway musical definitely knocks it out for the park for a fun night out.

Fun fact
Regina George is played by Nadina Hassan who is the mayor of Detroit’s niece!

The company also stars English Bernhardt who plays Cady and does in absolutely incredible job. Lindsay Heather Pearce who ROCKED it as Janis – I also saw her in Wicked and loved her so was excited to see her in another production. And you can’t forget Eric Huffman who did an AMAZING job playing Damian.

If you’re looking for a fun night out I cannot recommend Mean Girls enough. The musical is fun, lively and filled with a plenty of pink! It’s not a regular musical, it’s a cool musical.

Grab your tickets today to see Mean Girls at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit!

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