Broadway Review: Hairspray

Hairspray is playing in Detroit at the Fisher Theatre Now – January 30, 2022. The show is colorful, bright and super lively. The night I went Tracy was played by the understudy Faith Northcutt. Reading that on the sign I never felt so annoyed. The MAIN character was going to be played by an understudy, what a disappointment. But it turns out it wasn’t a disappointment at all. Despite this being Faith Northcutt’s National Tour Principal Debut as Tracy Burnblad you would have never known. The craziest part, Faith Northcutt had NEVER actually run through the show before she went on. You wouldn’t have even known that, she was absolutely fantastic.

If the understudy for Hairspray can go on and rock the house, imagine what the you’ll see when the whole company goes on and is healthy! Hairspray would make the perfect girls night out.

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