Review: Hadestown

On Tuesday I went to hell and back when I entered the Fisher Theatre in Detroit, Michigan to see Hadestown. I went into the show not knowing what it was about or what to expect, and let me tell you—I was BLOWN away. If you are going to see one Broadway musical this year it should definitely be Hadestown.

Ask yourself are you up for a journey to hell? Now through December 5th, 2021 you can board the train to the underworld at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit where Hadestown is making its debut in Detroit.

Based on Greek mythology, Hadestown is an adaptation of the love story between Orpheus and Eurydice. Hadestown tells the story of Eurydice who feels abandoned by Orpheus and goes to the underworld with Hades when Orpheus misses her calling for him. Once Orpheus learns what has happens he decided to make the dangerous and seemingly impossibly journey to the underworld to save his love.

The Fates jump in and out of the story as they make the main characters think about their choices. I absolutely loved the song “When the Chips Are Down”, and I wasn’t alone the song came with two full rounds of applause. Another song that came with two full rounds of applause and a few standing ovations was “Wait For Me”. The scores are unlike any other show you will see and the audiences reaction to it is definitely unique from other performances i’ve seen.

Hadestown is unique from other Broadway musicals in that the orchestra (minus drums) is actually on stage and becomes part of the show. The show is a brilliant masterpiece and I truly cannot recommend it enough.

Hadestown is in Detroit through December 5, 2021.

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