Zoya Dazzle Holiday 2021

Zoya wants to make sure you’re ready to dazzle this season with their holiday 2021 collection. Zoya Dazzle features five stunningly unique-fleck effect shades that are ready to bring a fun and festive feel to the holiday season. Dazzle Zoya’s holiday 2021 collection also includes the Hot Lips, Lip Color + Therapy Limo (which I am super excited to try!).

Meet Alexis! According to Zoya Alexis can best be described as a shimmering white diamond with a beautiful mirrored effect. And I can’t wait to try it in person. I think it’s going to be a stunner.

Get to know Esme. Esme is described by Zoya as a soft rose hold with a glistening gold glass fleck.

Zoya describes Sophia as an intense crimson red with a golden glass-fleck blended in. Perfect for the holiday season and reminiscent of a satin red ribbon.

Get to know Marlena. Zoya describes Marlena as a mid-toned cerulean blue with a gorgeous gold fleck effect.

Let’s talk about Dominique. Zoya describes Dominique as a royal purple with fierce gold fleck effect.

Now let’s talk about the Hot Lips Lip Gloss that’s included. Zoya describes Limo as a shimmering silver white.

Save the Date
Zoya’s 2021 Holiday Collection Dazzle will be available November 30th.

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