Movie Review: Belfast

Focus Features will release Belfast in theaters November 12, 2021

Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast has been the talk of the town for the past couple of months. And it’s easy to see why Belfast is the winner of the Toronto Film Festival’s People Choice Award and has gone on to be nominated for other awards. So you know Belfast made it onto my must-see movie list quickly.

Belfast is packed with an all-star cast, a warm-hearted story, singing, dancing with the dash of nostalgia and historical reality. The film is set in black and white which makes for a unique movie watching experience. When it comes to highlighting moments of interest, the current day the movie uses light and reflection which I was highly impressed with.

The movie is set in 1969 through the eyes of a young boy who lived in the center of everything going on in Belfast. And the story focuses on his experience, his family’s and the interactions they go through summer through bring and the decision the family ultimately has to make.

Overall, Belfast offers an interesting look at the conflicts that changed the face of Belfast forever during the late ’60s. While the story and acting are wonderful, I think this type of story will have limited appeal to theatergoers. It’s slower than typical movies are and you go in and out of interest with it. That being said, if you like historical movies Belfast is for you.

Belfast will be in theaters this Friday, November 12tth.

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