Movie Review: The French Dispatch

The French Dispatch hits theaters everywhere this Friday, October 29.

My friend JB introduced me to my first Wes Anderson film in college. It was The Royal Tenenbaums, and resulted in “What’s that jackass doing? I know you asshole” being yelled from our dorm room windows every time someone wanted to be let in. Since then I have been hooked on Wes Anderson films. And let me tell you The French Dispatch is a Wes Anderson gold mine of brilliance.

When the trailer for The French Dispatch was released, and I found out it was directed by Wes Anderson I knew it would be something different than anything else that has come to the big screen lately. I was ready for something quirky, fun and filled with dry humor—and The French Dispatch did not disappoint.

The French Dispatch is told in four parts. The first is the story ties everything together, and that is followed by three stories that are featured in the small town’s international paper insert. From student riots to prison art shows and super sleuth kidnapping The French Dispatch provides unconventional stories that somehow manage to be charming.

As someone who has a background in art I loved the fact that the movie was a piece of art itself. The main color theme of each story is black and white. To tie everything together or make a point color was used and it made the film even more fascinating.

The French Dispatch is filled with odd stories that are quirky, artsy and entertaining. If you’re looking for a break from what you typically see I highly recommend checking out The French Dispatch this Friday.

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