Movie Review: Come From Away

I saw Come From Away in 2019 live on stage and let me tell you I was absolutely blown away. I had never heard of Come From Away before, and walked inside the Fisher Theatre in Detroit, Michigan not knowing what to expect.

To my surprise it was based on the true story of 7,000 people stranded in the small town of Gander, Newfoundland after all flights into the US became grounded on September 11, 2021. And let me tell you, it’s the story we never heard and all deserved to hear.

Come From Away makes it’s global premier TOMORROW Friday, September 10, 2021 on Apple TV+, and it’s one film you don’t want to miss.

Come From Away on Apple TV+ is the filmed version of the award-winning Broadway musical, and it’s just as good watching it on my laptop as it was watching the performance live.

About Come From Away

Come From Away is a Broadway musical about 7,000 people who become stranded in the small town of Grander, Newfoundland when all the flights into the United States became grounded on September 11, 2021. The kind people of Newfoundland graciously welcomed the “come from aways” into their community.

Newfoundland didn’t have the hotels or capacity for the 7,000 people who suddenly became stranded. What they did have was beautiful hearts, and the people of Newfoundland actually took these strangers into their home.

Together the “come from aways” and locals processed what was happening in New York City on this horrific day they ended up finding laughing, love and new hope. Some of the “come from aways” met their forever mate and returned to Newfoundland for their honeymoon, others found forever friends and a new vacation. One thing was for sure, the people of Newfoundland didn’t have to do what they did, but they opened their hearts and the story is unreal.

Come From Away on Apple TV+ is directed by Tony Award-winner Christopher Ashley, who directed the original production. This live performance of Come From Away was filmed at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre in New York City for an audience which included 9/11 survivors and front-line workers.

I can’t recommend Come From Away enough, and I hope you’ll check it out when it premiers globally on Apple TV+ tomorrow September 10, 2021.

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