Back to School with Mikesell’s

Summer is winding down, school supplies fill my local Target store and the countdown is on. School is about to start. The start of the school year brings on a fresh start, and with that fresh start comes plenty of new opportunities—like school lunches and snacks. Thanks to Mikesell’s for sending me some yummy potato chips to craft this post.

I don’t know about you, but i am personally a big fan of salty snacks—hello chips! Let me introduce you to my new favorite Mikesell’s Potato Chips. For more than 100 years Mikesell’s has been family owned and operated (and the love shows). Not a fan of chips or a snack-a-holic like me? Mikesell’s has you covered with pretzels, puffcorns, pork rinds and my personal favorite potato chips (hello spicy dill pickle).

The school year can be rough, but Mikesell’s is ready to satisfy your salty snack cravings. And I have the cutest pairing to go along with your Mikesell’s potato chips!

Grab some bread and give it a toast
Smear on your favorite peanut butter
Cut a banana and add two slices for ears and one for the nose
Add blueberry eyes and one on the nose

Have an A+ school year when you visit and grab a few bags of potato chips…yum!

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