How To: Design a Logo

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Have you ever seen a big brand without a logo? No? That’s because there aren’t any. Logos have a major impact on how your customers perceive your brand. Which means, you want your logo to be the best of the best. But how do you get there? Do you create it on your own? Work with designer? Don’t worry, today I am sharing tips and tricks for how to get your ideal logo from a graphic designer ME! We’ll go over defining your brand’s identity, the emotions behind color, the design purpose and more.

Why do I need a logo?

In college a professor once told me that business is like dating—just stick with me for a minute. The goal is to attract the right customers and make them fall head over heels for you. Think of your logo as a picture on a dating profile. It’s what will make people take interest to learn more about you or swipe left because you’re not right for them.

Your logo will have HUGE impact on the first impression your business makes. Not to mention all your branding material will have your logo on it.

Define your brands personality

Just like dating each individual has a unique personality, you want to community what your brands personality is through your logo. Need a little help discovering your brands personality? Below are some questions you should answer

Why did we start this business?
What values are important?
What makes a special?
How do we stand out against the competition?
What three words describe the brand?
What three words do we want customers to use to describe us?

Get Inspired

Not sure what you want your logo design to be? No problem, look for inspiration. Start by brainstorming ideas, just get everything out there. It doesn’t matter how silly they seem, you never know what they’ll evolve into.Think of your audience and what words describe them vs what words describe you. My favorite part make a mood board. Have it display colors, style, design ideas and more.

Design Styles

In dating we all have personal styles. Some of us like the sporty person while others enjoy the outdoorsy and some of us like the chill laid back person. Design styles are the same. For instance, you may think you want a modern logo, but once you look at a modern logo guide and create a mood board you may realize you want more of a classic design. Let’s go over basic design styles.

Classic: Says you are reliable and down to earth, plus your logo will be relevant through every trend.
Vintage: Retro logos evoke nostalgia and typically feature a simple color palette.
Modern: You’re on trend. Usually simple lines are involved.
Fun: You’ll typically see something whimsical. Usually consists of a variety of colors and features illustrations.

What’s your competition doing?

Just like dating, there will always be competition. You’re competing for attention, but while competing some lose sight of who they are. Check out what your competition is without copying them and see what you like and dislike in regards to what they’re doing.

Pay Attention to Color

When you go on a first date you pick an outfit that features colors that make you look good. Maybe the color really helps your eyes pop or draws attention to a specific assets. Colors in a logo function the same way, and honestly are SO important to a logo design.

Each color can have a variety of different meanings, and they have emotions attached to them. Let’s talk about the emotions…

  • Red: Red is all about excitement, passion and anger. If your brand is loud, and wants to stand out red may be the color for you.
  • Orange: Orange is much less used than red but it’s just as energetic. This is a vibrant, invigorating and playful color.
  • Yellow: If you want to look accessible and friendly, yellow is the choice for you! Cheerful, affordable and youthful energy.
  • Green: Green is versatile and can work for any brand really. Ideal for those who want to establish a connection with nature.
  • Blue: Blue is classic. It is calming and cool and symbolizes trustworthiness and maturity.
  • Purple: Purple can be your ticket to looking luxurious. Depending on the shade, purple can be mysterious, eclectic or feminine.
  • Pink: Girly? Pink is your go to. With a variety of shades pink can give your logo a grown up and cool, but still youthful and feminine look.
  • Brown: Brown is perfect for rugged and masculine or vintage logos. Brown is a great color to give your brand a handmade, unique and aged look.
  • Black: Sleek, modern and luxurious look? Black will be a great choice. Want to keep it simple, a black and white logo is classic.
  • White: Clean, modern and minimalistic? Use lots of white in your logo. As a neutral color it works in combination with all other colors, but adds a clean, youthful and economical touch.
  • Gray: Gray is the ultimate color if you want to achieve a mature, classic and serious look. Darker shades look more mysterious, while lighter shades are more accessible.

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