30 Things to Do in April (Quarantine Edition)

30 Things to Do in April
Spring is officially here, and while we’re waiting on April showers to bring May flowers—I’m sharing 30 things you can (safely) do this month. I hope this list inspires you to get the most out of the month. 

1. Start your garden indoors. I have already started a variety of seedlings, and cucumbers, tomatoes and herbs have started to sprout.

2. Easter is right around the corner (literally it’s the 4th), now is your chance to whip up some delicious Easter treats.

3. Try a new recipe for easter. I have been looking up recipes on Pinterest and I think I need a dark chocolate raspberry mousse cake in life. 

4. Happy Easter! Whether you’re spending the day alone, with family or friends. I hope you have an amazing day and it’s filled with plenty of delicious food.
5. It’s time for spring cleaning. Make a list of everything you have to do and accomplish a couple things a week, that way your list will seem less overwhelming. 
6. Everything is starting to wake up from hibernation here in Michigan, which makes it the perfect time to hit the trails and watch things bloom and animals roam.
7. Celebrate National Walking Day by getting outside and exploring a local park, trail or neighborhood. It’s also the perfect time to pick up a new pair of kicks for spring/summer.
8. Happy National Zoo Lovers Day! Take a trip to your local zoo. The zoo is a great outing to meet up with friends or family safely. I’m off to the Detroit Zoo for the day!

9. Daffodils and tulips are in full bloom. Elevate the aesthetic of your home by grabbing some for various rooms of your home. 

10. It’s National Farm Animals Day, head to a local farm and check out the local animals. You can even stop at a Tractor Supply store to take a peek at the baby ducks and chicks. 
11. Get out in nature. I have been trying to discover a new trail each weekend, and it’s been really fun discovering some beautiful trails and some duds. 
12. Take a moment for yourself. Light some candles, listen to soft sounds and just enjoy the moment. 
13. The weather is finally getting nice so why not grill outdoors? From shish kabobs to grilled pineapple the possibilities are endless. 
14. Head out biking. No matter where you live, you’re sure to find plenty of trails to hit. 

15. I am big fan of spontaneous road trips—it’s the perfect time to hit the open road and see where it takes you.

16. It’s Mushroom Day! I’ll be celebrating by making a flatbread pizza with green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms and a balsamic glaze. Bonus points if I can find some morels. 

17. Chalk your walk! Write inspirational quotes or draw happy pictures to bring a smile to someones face. 
18. Visit and support a small business near you.
19. Head to a nearby town you’ve never been to before, grab dinner and explore. 
20. Give yourself a springtime pedicure or go and get one done. 
21. Have you tried a new recipe lately? Now is the perfect time to experiment. I am thinking about amplifying some Caesar salad and grilling the romaine. 
22. Happy Earth Day! Pick up trash at a local park, plant a tree—however you choose to celebrate Earth Day, just make sure you keep it up the rest of the year. 
23. Happy National Picnic Day! Pack a picnic and visit a new park, or spread a blanket on the floor inside if it’s raining.
24. When it rains, dance in it!
25. Eat outside! 

26. Bird watching has become one of my favorite things to do, and I think you’d enjoy it too. The coolest birds I recently spotted are Osprey and Bald Eagles. 

27. Time to head out onto the water and go kayaking. Metro Parks and State Parks are great places to start. 
28. Make a dandelion wish. 
29. Start thinking about what herbs and flowers you want to plant in your garden. 
30. Play frisbee golf. 

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