Radical Plants Offers Guilt Free Superdips

Radical Plants Superdip


Radical Plants Superdip

Something you\’ll find on my vision board this year \”elevate my life.\” I\’m sure you\’re probably thinking \”what does that even mean?\” and really it\’s simple. I want to create a happier and healthier life. This includes what goes into my body, the way I talk to myself, getting out in nature, and feeling comfortable in my own body. 

In 2021 you will find me living a more plant-based center lifestyle. No, I am not going vegan, I am just fueling my body with better products. One of my favorite snacks is vegetables and ranch dip. Ranch is chemical chaos and I can\’t even read half the ingredients on the label. Let me introduce you to my new favorite ranch from Radical Plants

Radical Plants Superdip

Ever since discovering Radical Plants Superdips I have been starting each week with a vegetable board. Lately, I have been loving cucumber, carrots, and celery. Whenever I want a snack I just go into the refrigerator and grab a mini vegetable board that I have made and snack on it while I work. Vegetables are obviously guilt free, but it is so nice to also enjoy a dip completely guilt-free. 

Radical Plants Superdip

What is Radical Plants?
Radical Plants is a Michigan based company ready to elevate your life with its fantastic dips. The dips are ONLY 25 calories per 2 tablespoons serving and the first ingredient is tofu. As someone who HATES tofu, I absolutely love these dips and could not tell that tofu is what they are made up of. 

Radical Plants Superdip

Radical Plants has three Superdips in the lineup
All the dips can be used as a dip or sauce. 
Basil Alfredo – Absolutely delicious with cucumbers
Chiptole Lime – Great with tortilla chips. I love adding it on top of sweet potato, chili nachos, and more.
Better than Ranch – Get ready to break out your carrots, celery, cauliflower, and more because this dip is even better than traditional ranch! 

Radical Plants Superdip

Radical Plants Superdips are: 
Low calorie, low carb
Good source of protein
Priced right

Radical Plants Superdip

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