12 Microadventures You Need to Go on this Year

2020 was a hard year for many. Instead of sulking about what I couldn’t do, I took advantage of what I could do. Among the many things I learned during these surreal times, the biggest thing was to appreciate exploring local, parks, neighborhoods, and nearby places. That brought me on 100+ microadventures over the course of the year.

You never know what you might discover right out your front door. I found creative ways to challenge myself, learned new skills, just enjoyed getting outside

Last year, the microadventures were planned on the fly, and while I loved that I also know I like having things to look forward to.

That is why this year I am planning out 12 micro-adventures, one each month. That way I will have something to look forward to each month. I wanted to share my micro-adventures with you in hopes it will bring you inspiration to create your own micro-adventures throughout the year.

What is a microadventure? 
A microadventure is an adventure that is short, simple, local, and cheap, that is still fun, exciting, challenging, and rewarding. Microadventures make adventure accessible no matter what your level of outdoor experience is.

Microadventure ideas: 
1. Chase the sunrise
While your co-works are still tucked in their beds, you can be enjoying the sunrise from the lake, nearest mountaintop or forest clearing.

2. Take the road less traveled
Taking the long way home can be an adventure itself. Add dirt and gravel roads for a change of scenery. You might be surprised by what you discover when you take the back roads. Last summer I discovered this super cute honest shop while taking a backroad.

3. Embrace the dark
Go for a hike, or find a local park with a large open space, bring blankets, something warm if its chilly and lean back and enjoy the night sky. Even better, look up when the next meteor shower will be and head out to witness the amazing show if the skies are clear.

4. Perfect your camping cuisine
Whether it’s Friday after work or a weekend morning, start a fire or grab your camp stove to perfect your camping cuisine. Not only does this cooking adventure get you outdoors it allows you to experiment with ingredients that will have you ready for your next big trip.

5. Turn happy hour into adventure hour
Rather than heading to a local bar or enjoying drinks at home why not head out onto the trail. As the seasons change, happy hour adventures take on new characteristics. From headlamp-lit snowshoe journeys to kayak sunset endeavors.

6. Find a spot on the map and go there
I have always wanted to go up to a ticket counter at an airport and say “I’ll take a ticket for your next available flight,” and going there, no matter where it is. Sadly, I am not that spontaneous to do something like that solo. However, I used that concept for one of my favorite microadventures. I grabbed a map for my area and selected a spot I have never been to. I was actually able to bike to it, which made the journey even more fun.

7. Hang up a hammock
Select the perfect location, hang up a hammock, and enjoy the sounds of nature. Bonus points if you decide to sleep in the hammock.

8. Try bird watching
One thing I never thought I would love doing is watching birds. I happened to be out in the woods during a bird migration last spring and it was one of the coolest experiences. I cannot wait to watch birds migrating this year.

9. Hike in the woods
Nothing is better than getting out in nature for an adventure. Whether you drive a couple hours away or find something close to home, nothing beats a good nature cleanse.

10. Head out onto the water
Canoe, kayak, paddleboard or take a paddleboat out onto the water and explore. Many local parks offer rentals to make it easier. This year I really want to take a rubber ducky looking paddleboat out.

11. Eat around the world
No travel plans? No problem! Eat around the world at home. Grab Asian, Thai, Mediterranean, Indian, Greek, and more from local restaurants around your area. I am going to do this each month throughout the year.

12. Try something new
Every wanted to try cross country skiing? Give it a try. Fly fishing? Take a lesson. The possibilities are endless.

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