How to Make a Christmas Charcuterie Board

Sugar and spice and everything nice come together on this Christmas charcuterie board. Make the holidays merry and bright with a Christmas dessert grazing board. This board is quick and easy to make, in fact, I bought everything on this board from Trader Joe\’s – hello one-stop-shop. I went with a peppermint theme with a hunt of gingerbread. Even if you\’re spending the holidays alone this year, you can still come up with an adorable Christmas charcuterie board or Christmas grazing board for yourself. They\’re perfect to enjoy while watching a movie. 

Christmas Charcuterie Board List: 
Gingerbread men cookies
Peppermint Jo Jos
Peppermint bark
Dark chocolate stars
White chocolate peppermint pretzels
Peppermint meringues
Peppermint creams
Spice cookies
Chocolate covered pretzels

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