Friday Favorites 12.4.20


Friday round-up time! Anyone else feel like this week lasted a month? I am exhausted and found myself with anxiety I have never had before. As you can imagine, I will be thrilled with Friday end, I am beyond ready for the weekend. This week brought on our first accumulation of snow, which provided enough of a mess to make the roads slippery, but not enough to cover the grass. Aside from taking Jack for a few walks a day, we are lacking in outside playtime and hoping to change that soon. Follow along on Instagram to see what we are up to this weekend! And now here\’s a few favorite finds from the week.

Growing up my mum was big into arts and crafts, which made me get into it as well. I continued with it through my 20\’s and it dropped off once I hit my 30\’s. With being shut down, I wanted to get crafty again and discovered copper kits from Timer Lane Studio. I did my practice copper piece and can\’t wait to make my feather this weekend.

Anyone just feel like you are really missing a place? My heart has been missing Marquette more than I can even explain. You can imagine my excitement when pasties from Lawry\’s Pasty Shop (my favorite) arrived.

I made Christmas Jam (Jingle Jam) this week to give out as gifts and even shared the recipe in case you want to make some. It\’s delicious on toast!

Cannot wait to pair this portable bonfire with a s\’mores board, a plaid blanket, and some snowfall.

I also shared 31 things to do safely in December

It\’s been an unusual year, and sometimes I wish I would have documented more of what happened. I recently saw my favorite shop Lottie Mae post about a five-year journal, written one line a day. The idea of only having to write one line a day makes me feel better than filling up multiple pages. I think I am going to pick one up and give it a try – January 1st is coming up. 

With the new added stress and anxiety, I have been looking for new ways to add a little cozy to my life and did some research on hygge. Once I learned more about hygge I revamped my office space for Christmas/winter and shared 10 Ways to Experience Hygge at Home this Holiday Season.

Even though travel is paused right now, I can\’t help but fall in love with this scratch your travels romantic florals map.

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