Friday Favorites 11.20.20

cheese board

It\’s Friday and that means it is time for Friday Favorites. We all know this year looks very different from last year. Michigan has taken a \”pause\” to help protect people as our COVID numbers have begun to skyrocket. With that being said, this is the first time that people I actually know have gotten the virus. Restaurants need to get creative with their carryout, movie theaters are offering their popcorn via Door Dash, and small businesses are pleading with everyone to shop and eat with them so they will be around for years to come. 

With Thanksgiving, just around the corner, I have decided to do Friday Favorites a little differently. From appetizers and desserts to tablescapes and more I have rounded up some of my favorite ways you can elevate your Thanksgiving – even if you\’re spending it solo. 

I was super excited to learn that Grey Ghost Detroit is offering Thanksgiving dinner for ONE.

These apple cider donuts are quick and delicious to make and only require Pillsbury Grands Flaky Layers.

My girl J.R. McCabe shared a Hazelnut Brussels Sprout recipe that I cannot wait to try. I just need to find some hazelnuts – apparently, they\’re hard to come by in Michigan.

Looking for a healthy pie to make this Thanksgiving. I absolutely love this blueberry chai pie.

Take notes, these 7 Thanksgiving foods can actually kill your dog.

These cinnamon slow cooker carrots sound amazing.

Cheesy scalloped potatoes are on my list this year.

Loaded cauliflower casserole would be a fun change-up.

If you\’re solo like me apple pie egg rolls might be a good option for a dessert.

Even if your Thanksgiving does not look like you want it to, that doesn\’t mean you can\’t make it look cute and cozy. A good place setting always sets the mood.

Oakland County Parks are offering free admission on Thanksgiving.

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